Bells Hängelampe von Nir Meiri

1 918.00 EUR
This collection was inspired by the world of plants; looking at the way some climbing plants rise high to reach sunlight and climb on a hosting branch while other air plants grow without soil and receive all of their nutrients from the air around them. The Bells collection lampshades were designed to resemble the shape of bellflowers hanging humbly on a vertical pole. The number of bells can be specified as they climb up the lamp´s stalk. Bells contemporary light objects can fit easily in any domestic or public interior giving the space an organic feel but at the same time retaining an elegant and slick aesthetic. The Bells pendant light hangs from the ceiling from a thin steel wire and receives its electrical power from a cable emerging from the bottom of the lamp. This unusual way of positioning creates a hybrid look, somewhere between a floor and ceiling lamp.

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