Lace N°1 Mounted Light by Coma Studio

9 999.99 EUR
With Lace N°1; Vienna-based Coma Studio gave new life to glass from a 1950s ceiling fixture salvaged from the once magnificent Hotel Bristol in Meran, Italy. Magdalena Zeller and Cornelis van Almsick of Coma Studio have taken on the valiant mission of making fragments of design history relevant for today. And their first target was the dilapidated and defunct lighting elements salvaged from the luxurious Hotel Bristol, a gorgeous relic of the euphoria of postwar Italy, inaugurated by Sofia Loren in 1954. The hotel’s grandiose design was the dream of an extremely wealthy shipbuilder, Arnaldo Bennati (whose family still to this day owns the Bauer Hotel in Venice). The architecture and interior design that Bennati commissioned caused an immediate sensation. The international press reported in detail on its splendor and deemed it the most modern and elegant hotel in Europe. Under the direction of architect Marino Meo, craftsmen and artists created bespoke furnishing and décor for every corner of the Bristol. But the light ?xtures and ?ttings stole the show; their extraordinary beauty was created by glass expert Flavio Poli at Seguso Vetri d’Arte in Murano. In the 1970s, after 20 years of successful business, the Hotel Bristol fell on hard times and was, ultimately, to shut its doors in 1991. It was demolished in 2006. Coma Studio chanced upon the remaining components of the light fixtures and reengineered them into this unforgettable light extravaganza.

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