Fuente Glas Kronleuchter von Kalmar

2 150.00 EUR
This chandelier was made by Kalmar in Austria. The chandelier, model ´´´´Fuente´´´´, comprises 28 pieces of clear textured glass hanging at different heights which create an impression of ice sculpture. Each glass panel is 25cm (9.8´´´´) tall by 12cm (4.7´´´´) wide and is screwed into the nickel frame. This is a substantial (and heavy) piece with overall height of 68cm (26.8´´´´) including the stem. There aren´t any chips or cracks to the glass however due to the age and nature of this piece there may be minor imperfections. There are minor signs of wear to the frame in line with age including a small spot where the finish has been rubbed on the upper side of one arm, but these points are not visible when the piece is compiled. New wiring taking nine bayonet-fitting bulbs: eight small and one large fitting. The piece will be dismantled for shipping.

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