Skandinavischer Sonnen Kronleuchter von Sønnico, 1950er

6 000.00 EUR
This huge chandelier made from brass with shade in opaline glass was manufactured by Norwegian Sønnico and attributed to Birger Dahl. These chandeliers came from a cinema that was built in the early 1950s. The lamp features 16 light sources with E-14 sockets. The rod measures 198 cm and can easily be taken apart in the middle. It can also be divided in half, or taken off if you prefer it as a flush mount. Birger Dahl was the head of design at Norwegian electronics firm Sønnico and created the award-winning Dokka pendant lamp, which brought Norwegian lighting international renown. Condition: The dark and dry atmosphere of the cinema has preserved these lamp perfectly; they are in absolute mint condition. The lamp comes with original functional wiring.

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